Do you dream of being someone who...

... pursues multiple interests? ... is driven by self motivation? ... learns new things easily? ... has multiple fulfilling careers? ... is an expert in diverse subjects? ... can balance multiple projects? ... lives an unconventional life?

Someone who has a zealous mind ...

We are made of multitudes

Zealous Minds are held by people that enjoy diverse pursuits, and are talented in many areas; people like us.

We have an unrivalled ability to create something new or improve something that already exists by connecting diverse ideas in creative ways - this is our superpower.

Zealous minds are known by many names:

  • polymaths
  • generalists
  • jack of all trades
  • scanners
  • multi-potentialites
  • renaissance souls
  • dilettantes
  • foxhogs

We can be the entrepreneurs, problem solvers, passionate creators and uniquely positioned to use our superpower to shape the future. 

The benefits of a Zealous Mind


Creating something new or improving something that already exists.


Inspiring creative work-arounds to constraints with enthusiasm.


Unifying unrelated knowledge and ideas, making the complex simple.


Imagining the world from another person's perspective.


Respecting others and encouraging them to keep an open mind.


Challenging the status quo and looking for new ways of doing things.

Challenges to be overcome...


expanding your SELF-AWAREness

  • Owning your approach to learning and living
  • Understanding your unique intersection of experiences
  • Balancing exceptional talent with a healthy dose of humility

defining your unique value

  • Finding the confidence to stand behind your expertise
  • Managing others perception of your commitment
  • Articulating a razor sharp elevator pitch and your authentic story


  • Learning how to prioritize what's important to you
  • Developing the discipline to follow through on endeavours
  • Learning how to manage your high standards and perfectionism


A zealous mind embodies...



Inspire a sense of excitement, a drive to learn and a joy of discovery - gain awareness, appreciation and understanding of the world. Curiosity not only makes the world interesting, it makes you interesting.



Accelerate through hard work and focus to accomplish your goals - build something of value, improve communities, and survive tough times. Catalyze passion in your words, actions and visions.

We get to re-write the rules

the new economy demands generalists  

Specialisation no longer rules. Automation and expert systems can now cost effectively perform most of the activities of specialists. The economy needs right brain thinkers who can coordinate activity and make decisions.

jack of all trades, master of many

In the past we've been hesitant to communicate the diversity of our skills for fear of diminishing our value and credibility. Blurring our brand. Don't let an outdated proverb hold you back any longer. Reprogram yourself and start embracing it as the endearing term it is. 

you can design your ideal lifestyle  

We are adaptable, resourceful, and self-reliant creatures, which allows us to purposefully craft how we spend our lives. Want to travel the world and work for yourself? Find ways to monetise what you're passionate about.

f*ck labels , don't pigeonhole yourself  

Labels are used to classify and communicate cultural stereotypes. They affect our self-perception and behaviour and can harmfully become self-limiting. Focus on your story, not a string of words to communicate who you are.  

be confident in your competence  

We have misunderstood our true nature, humans are natural generalists; at our best when we turn our minds to many things. It’s more than just a few elite humans who can do more than one thing well.

doing less  ≠ more focus  

Adding new activities to our plates - things we enjoy doing and have an an aptitude in - gives us new sources of energy. Even when we're exhausted we’ll be exhilarated.


If there is one word that makes creative people different from others - complexity. Instead of being an individual, they are a multitude.


Find the intersections between your many passions and create an integrated life.  

Many of us dream of becoming radical generalists, others consider extreme de-specialisation a nightmare. The ideal is not to be a specialist or a generalist, but develop the ability to see new, better ways of doing things; to question accepted wisdom either from expertise in one area or inspiration from many. 

Success is when we develop our own approach, moving away from the traditional inefficient methods towards a curiosity, passion and resilience driven mode of living - becoming a true zealous mind.


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empower zealous minds to embrace their multi-dimensional nature, pursuing diverse interests for the sake of creative fulfilment, financial well-being and human evolution.